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In My Sketchbook

In My Sketchbook


I’m still sketching–woohoo! I’ve not kept up my daily streak, but I’ve not fallen completely out of the habit, so I’m pleased with myself.

One day recently I had to drop my son off for a meeting in the center of our town, so I took the opportunity to do some sketching on site. A small-town version of “urban” sketching! I loved doing this and was happy with my sketch–a bonus. Here’s the Congregational church in the center of town:


We were traveling this past weekend to our son’s wedding in Ohio, so I tried my hand at sketching in a moving vehicle for the first time. I don’t know how people sketch the scenery, since it’s constantly changing, but I had fun with what I did and it helped pass the time.



Most days, however, I’m home sketching whatever is in front of me.


It’s all fun and all good practice! Which is your favorite?


Shelter (Art Journaling)

Shelter (Art Journaling)



Shelter Art Journaling page


This verse from Isaiah showed up in my daily devotional yesterday. In context, God is promising a righteous King who will provide for His people. When I read these descriptors of the shelter and relief this Savior will provide, I knew I had the text for this art journal background I’d made last week. Coming off a good but very emotional week, these promises pointed me to my King, Jesus, and I needed that more than anything.

The background started with paint and gel print tape I’d made, but I didn’t like the start and ended up adding a lot of washi tape, some stamping, and gesso. Then I loved the background and set it aside to wait for the words, which appeared yesterday in my devotional.

Photo Tuesday

Photo Tuesday

Rear View


I’ve been neglecting blog and studio recently in the days leading up to this past weekend, when my son married his sweetheart in Ohio. This was, for us, the event of the summer, and having returned to our home in Connecticut yesterday and school for our youngest starting today, summer is pretty much in our rear view mirror now. Which is hard to believe.

A Few Cards

A Few Cards

After a little card-making hiatus I got out the July card kit from Simon Says Stamp again yesterday and put a few cards together. I have really enjoyed working with this kit!

Hey You card


The stamps I used on this one are from the June card kit.

Sending Prayers & Love card

Hearts & Letters card

That last card has no greeting on the outside but I used the “happy thoughts” stamp as an inside greeting.


A Sketch a Day

A Sketch a Day

It’s hard to believe that I’ve completed a sketch every day since July 29. Before July 27, I had maybe done a handful of drawings since turning, oh, let’s say 14. So a dozen in as many days is really quite something.


They are not all huge successes, but I am happy with them more often than not, which is also surprising. I am getting more confident, learning to push through the hard bits and the negative self-talk in my head that tries to remind me I can’t draw. It is an adventure.


Drawing is about seeing, but I’m beginning to think it’s about confidence too. I’m afraid of missing a day and losing my momentum, and I’m bound to miss a day sooner or later. But fear is what kept me from drawing for several decades, so I think I’ll try fighting that fear and just take one day and one sketch at a time.



My Documented Life Planner

My Documented Life Planner



I’ve posted before about my Documented Life Planner. Here’s a look at it a little more than halfway through the year: it’s getting pretty fat! The binding of my Moleskine 12-month planner seems to be holding up fine so far.

Each week the folks at Art to the 5th post a new challenge for the planner. I don’t always follow their lead, but I often do. The challenge for week 28 was to add an Instagram or other little picture. That was the week I did the insomnia doodle on the inside of my tip-in page, but I did a more positive page with a photo for the outside flap.




The following week was a challenge that just didn’t inspire me, so I did my own thing. This tip-in flap was patterned scrapbook paper, and the colors set the theme for my page.


Week 30, last week, was a full week for me and a good week to “Add receipts, labels, business cards–smash book style.” I covered the inside spread with receipts from my day in New York City–I had receipts from the train, the class, a Starbucks, the place where I bought my lunch–and the Google map page I printed before I left. I added photos from my day there.


On the outside flap I used my parking receipt from my Friday at the beach, painted over it with blue acrylic paint, and added photos, stickers, and washi tape to complete the page. You can also see a peek of another photo on the calendar page at the bottom left.



Here’s another look at the whole planner, this time showing the top tabs that mark the months. Pretty fun!