A Sketch a Day

A Sketch a Day

It’s hard to believe that I’ve completed a sketch every day since July 29. Before July 27, I had maybe done a handful of drawings since turning, oh, let’s say 14. So a dozen in as many days is really quite something.


They are not all huge successes, but I am happy with them more often than not, which is also surprising. I am getting more confident, learning to push through the hard bits and the negative self-talk in my head that tries to remind me I can’t draw. It is an adventure.


Drawing is about seeing, but I’m beginning to think it’s about confidence too. I’m afraid of missing a day and losing my momentum, and I’m bound to miss a day sooner or later. But fear is what kept me from drawing for several decades, so I think I’ll try fighting that fear and just take one day and one sketch at a time.



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