Digitized Gel Prints

Digitized Gel Prints

A while back I had some gel prints that I really liked, and I thought I wouldn’t regret having scanned them before incorporating them into some other project. One was a packing tape print with a lot of transparent areas, but once it was scanned all those transparent areas were white on my screen. I pulled the file into  Photoshop Elements to delete the white and save the image with the transparent areas transparent, as a .PNG file. Once I had done that, though, I realized I could do a lot more fun stuff with my scanned images, and I started combining them with different blending modes in Photoshop.

This is the original packing tape print. (I think it looks better in person…)

Packing Tape print by BraveBeanArt

And here are some combinations created in Photoshop:

Gel Print background 2 by BraveBeanArt


In this first one you can see the packing tape print has been layered over another print.

Gel Print background 1 by BraveBeanArt


For this second one, which I really love, I used only a section of the packing tape print over another print and used a different blending mode to combine the layers in Photoshop, giving the gold a real pop that’s not as evident in the real thing.

I had fun playing with these in Photoshop and love how they came out. I printed some versions out but have yet to use them. I’m finding myself wondering, Are these finished abstract pieces, or do they want to be part of some other work? What do you think?


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