Gelli Prints & Stars!

Gelli Prints & Stars!

I have a tremendous stack of prints I’ve created on my Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate, many of them on deli paper, which I love to use in collage. When I was in Michael’s last week I picked up a few paper mache star ornaments to alter, and the colorful deli papers seemed just the thing.

Gelli Papered Star ornament by BraveBeanArt

On this one I started out by covering the original brown surface with bright pink paint, then I used matte medium to stick my torn-up Gelli printed deli papers on. The pink under color meant I didn’t have to be too concerned about spots where the deli paper’s transparency let the star’s surface show through. I also don’t worry about wrinkles, as you can tell; I figure all the texture adds interest and fun. Not really going for a polished look here!

Gelli Papered Star Ornament 2 by BraveBeanArt

For this one, I started with gesso, so there are more white spaces showing through rather than the brighter color of the first ornament. I finished this with a coating of Krylon Glitter Spray pain for a little shimmer.

Each ornament cost me about 75 cents at Michael’s on sale, so they made a pretty economical, fun, & easy little activity, and they’ll make fun little gifts. I may just have to pick up a few more ornaments on my next trip to Michael’s!

I’m entering these in the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge, where the theme this week is “To the Moon!” I figure we pass the moon on the way to the stars, so this project qualifies!

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