Happy News

Happy News

I’m happy to announce that I now have some art available for sale at an actual brick-and-mortar store here in Connecticut. Copper & Birch is a lovely gift store in South Windsor stocked with beautiful art and crafts from artists all over Connecticut. I was delighted to be contacted by the owner recently after she saw my Etsy shop listings, and on Saturday I delivered almost a dozen pieces to her shop where they’ll be on display and for sale. I had previously visited the shop, and it has a terrific selection of quality work, with plenty of variety. It’s all displayed well–there is a lot of stock, but it doesn’t feel crowded at all. I’m so pleased to have some of my work included.

Among the pieces now for sale at Copper & Birch is this mixed-media piece, which I originally did for a mixed-media contest at a local rubber stamping store.

Peace Be Still

I loved doing this piece. I started on a piece of corrugated cardboard with some of the layers exposed, and the textures just went wild from there. Here are some closeup shots:

lower left corner


The words are on canvas, the silver bird is made of resin, the boat is of music paper and bits of mono printed deli paper. There are even sparkles. Crazy! This is one of my favorite creations ever. I almost hope it doesn’t sell.

I also have a few more photo display spools at the shop.

Three Spools

These are really fun to make. I’m about ready to acquire more spools so I can make more.

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  2. I suggest that you make correspondence cards with this image. The close-up images would make interesting cards by themselves too. I love this.

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