In My Sketchbook

In My Sketchbook


I’m still sketching–woohoo! I’ve not kept up my daily streak, but I’ve not fallen completely out of the habit, so I’m pleased with myself.

One day recently I had to drop my son off for a meeting in the center of our town, so I took the opportunity to do some sketching on site. A small-town version of “urban” sketching! I loved doing this and was happy with my sketch–a bonus. Here’s the Congregational church in the center of town:


We were traveling this past weekend to our son’s wedding in Ohio, so I tried my hand at sketching in a moving vehicle for the first time. I don’t know how people sketch the scenery, since it’s constantly changing, but I had fun with what I did and it helped pass the time.



Most days, however, I’m home sketching whatever is in front of me.


It’s all fun and all good practice! Which is your favorite?


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