Sketching Again

Sketching Again

Tree sketch by BraveBeanArt


One of my Christmas gifts this year was the book Urban Sketching: The Complete Guide to Techniques by Thomas Thorsprecken. The book is full of excellent instruction by someone who really knows what he’s doing, as well as tons of inspiration in the form of on location sketches by the author as well as others. I had set aside sketching in November after completing a drawing class, which ironically sucked the joy out of drawing for me (temporarily, as it turns out). This book lit me up again, and I’ve been sketching daily since opening it on Christmas morning.

Marmalade sketch by BraveBeanArt


My sketches are full of mistakes. I can hear my drawing teacher pointing out this or that perspective error, off-kilter angle, and unrealistic shadow. But I remind myself that I love looking at sketches that are full of wobbly buildings, impressionistic trees, and wonky lines. They are full of life and charm.

Red Cup sketch by BraveBeanArt


So I’m going to keep sketching. I have a lot to learn, but that’s much of the fun for me. I’ve signed up for what I expect will be a more inspiring sketching class than my dispiriting drawing class this past fall, an online class by Jane LaFazio. I cannot wait–but until then I plan to keep my sketchbooks ready and active.

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